Is There a Mid-Cap Gap in Your DC Plan?

Access a PM Q&A to learn more about why participants should consider a mid-cap growth equity option.

Many DC plan participants remain significantly underweight in mid-cap equities even though historically the mid-cap space has been attractive from a risk/return perspective. Mid-caps represent roughly 25% of US equity market capitalization, but the average participant allocation is only 8.7% across the small- and mid-cap classes combined.1

In this short Q&A, Invesco portfolio managers, Ronald Zibelli and Justin Livengood, discuss:

  • The potential strength of mid-caps in a DC investment menu
  • What to look for in manager selection
  • How Invesco Mid Cap Growth’s focus on investing in premier growth companies has helped tap into the segment’s potential

1Source: Callan Defined Contribution Index, as of Dec. 31, 2020 (tracking more than 100 large plans with approximately $350 billion in assets). Most recent data available.

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